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HALELUYAH (Eurovision)

HALELUYAH (Eurovision)


HALELUYAH (Eurovision) 
Haleluya la'olam,
haleluya yashiru kulam
bemila achat bodeda
halev male behamon toda
veholem gam hu - eze olam nifla.

Haleluya im hashir,
haleluya al yom sheme'ir ,
Haleluya al ma shehayah,
umah she'od lo hayah - haleluya

Haleluya la'olam
haleluya yashiru kulam
Vehainbalim hagdolim
yehadhedu bahamon tzlilim
Veitanu hem yomru - haleluya.

Haleluya al hakol
halelu al machar ve'etmol
Haleluya utnu yad beyad
veshiru milev echad - haleluya

Haleluya to the world,
every one will sing
One word only
and the heart is full of thanks
And beats as well what a wonderful world

Haleluya with the song,
for a day that shines
For all that has been
and for all that is about to happen

Haleluya to the world,
every one will sing
And the big bells
will be echo in a lot of notes
And together with us they will say - haleluya

Haleluya for every thing,
yesterday and tomorrow
Haleluya hand in hand
and sing in one heart - haleluya
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Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Spanish translation by Heidi Cazes de Sevilla of Mexico City, Mexico.
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Spanish translation
Haleluya, al mundo,
Haleluya, cantemos todos
Sólo una palabra
Y el corazón se llena de agradecimiento
Y también sueña sobre este mundo maravilloso.

Haleluya, con la canción.
Haleluya, el día que brilla
Haleluya, por lo que ha sido
Y por todo lo que será, Haleluya.

Haleluya, al mundo
Haleluya, cantemos todos
Y el tañir de las campanas
Resonará con muchas notas
Y junto con nosotros dirán Haleluya.

Haleluya, por todo,
Haleluya, por mañana y ayer
Haleluya, todas las manos juntas
Y cantaremos con un solo corazón, Haleluya.

English translation
Haleluya sing a song
haleluya we'll follow along
with the simple word - simple word
we bless the sky, the tree, the bird
and we fill our heart(s) with joy - haleluya.

Haleluya sounds of love
haleluya the sunshine above
haleluya the bells will go ringing
and if even if they don't tonight - haleluya.
(and dining from dawn to night - haleluya.)

Haleluya day by day
haleluya don't throw it away
fly and spread your wings high to dry/try
be free again like a butterfly
come along and sing with us

Haleluya sounds of love...

Haleluya hand in hand
haleluya all over the land
haleluya the shine from the star(t)
it will fill all our heart(s) - haleluya.

Haleluya sounds of love...

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