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English Graded Readers Video Stories: THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLE (Level 3)

English Graded Readers Video Stories: THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLE (Level 3)

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Holmes and
Watson investigate the mysterious death of sir Charles Baskerville,
whose body was found mutilated by a huge dog. Is this horrible death an
example of 'The Curse of the Baskervilles'?


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hound: large dog used for hunting
flat: apartment
smart: intelligent
wicked: evil, extremely bad
avoid: stay away from
ride (past tense rode, ridden): travel by horse
hardly: only just 
moor: wide open area covered with short grass
tear out: (past tense tore, torn) remove with great violence
throat: the part between the head and the body
shine (past tense shone, shone) give out light
Yew Alley: long path with yew trees at the sides of it.
butler: male servant
footprint: marks left on the ground by the feet
lawyer: person who give advice about legal quesions
heir: person who owns a property when someone dies
shaking with terror: moving from side to side in fear
quite clear: easily visible
hedge: wall make of plants 
foot (plural feet): a length measurement (1 foot = 0.33 meter)
summerhouse: small construction in a garden, made of wood or glass
yarda length measurement (1 yard = 0.9 meter)
ash: burnt material from a cigar or cigarette.
acidly: sarcastically
boot (in hotel): servant who cleans guests's shoes
natter: subject, case
reluctantly: without wanting to
astonished: greatly shocked
clever: intelligent
carriage: vehicle pulled by horses
narrow: not wide, thin
murderer: killer
cheerful: happy, positive
maid: woman servant
loft: space inside the roof of a house
butterfly net: a tool for catching butterflies 

marsh: area of wet, dangerous ground
sink down (past tense sank, sunk): to move down 
struggled furiously: made a great effort
silly: ridiculous
argue: debate
sternly: seriously
what's all this about?: what's happenning here?
: criticise
quarrel: hve a bad disagreement
typewriter: a tool for typing words
eagerly: enthusiastically
revolver: type of gun, similar to a pistol

grimly: very seriously
fault: responsibility
scent: smell
whisper: speak very quietly
bitterly: with emotion
wicked: bad, evil
seize: take hold of violently
injure: hurt

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